Crazy Fresh Kids -- Oktoberfest - Week 2

How is your October going? Have you and your family seen the pretty leaves or went apple picking, yet? Fall is the absolute best time of the year (in our opinion). There’s just so many fun activities you can do outside with your little ones. We’re still in our Oktoberfest German theme this week, offering you another potato recipe (those Germans really love their potatoes!) and another matching game with fruit. Feel free to email us with any suggestions, thoughts or comments you may have at (PS - We’ll let you in on a little secret - our Marketing Associate, Nikki, is currently living in Germany, so if you or your little ones have any questions at all about Germany, feel free to email them to her at!)

Crazy Fresh Goal Chart

How have the goal charts been going for you and your family? Hopefully the kids are enjoying the various goals, and we hope you are enjoying the benefits! We want to get your kids into healthy habits, so this week we’re challenging them to drink 8 glasses of water a day. That’s the recommended amount of water a person should drink per day, so let’s get them to that goal! You, too, mom and dad! To print, simply click on the picture above. We hope you and your kids enjoy!

Recipe of the Week - Potato Pancakes (Kartoffelpuffer)

As we’re sure you’re well aware, Germans love anything and everything with potatoes! And we bet you may have even had potato pancakes before. In Germany, these are typically eaten for dinner with applesauce. We suppose you could also have them as a side dish, but they’re super filling, so having them just as a straight dinner is also good. Let us know how you enjoy them!

Learn German with “Das Kleine Küken Piept”

If you happened to be in Germany when this song came out, there’s no way you could have outrun it. It played EVERYWHERE and was even a number one hit on the German charts. It’s clearly a song for children, and we apologize in advance if your kids want to have it on replay. You can find this song HERE. (Or

German Fruit Memory Game

We’ve created another Memory game for your kids to play and learn at the same time. This time with fruit! Be sure to click on it to print it out (there are 3 pages, so 15 total fruits). Then your little ones can cut each one out on the dotted lines and get to playing. If you forget what memory is, you place all the animals facedown and take turns trying to find the matches. Add this to your animal one from last week to have a really fun game! The one with the most, wins! Have fun :)

German Coloring Page

What kid doesn’t like to color?! That’s why every week we will be having a new coloring sheet for your children to use their creativity and express themselves. This week’s is the traditional hat that is worn in Bavaria with lederhosen.

Courtney Willis