Crazy Fresh Kids -- School's Out for Summer -- Week 1

We’re so excited to bring you our new Crazy Fresh Kids Club themed months! This month’s theme is School’s Out for Summer! We will be sending out fun recipes, activities, coloring sheets and more every week to keep you and your children entertained throughout the month. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got in store for our first week. And as always, we love to hear any of your feedback. Feel free to email us with any suggestions, thoughts or comments you may have at

Crazy Fresh Table Topics


Everyone knows that sit down dinners are the best way to bring your family together. We wanted to create a way to get you and your family members talking with our fun topic starters. Simply print the questions page below, cut out the topics, roll them up and place them in a jar. Every night at dinner, let your children pick a topic and get to talking! The questions range from “If you could be any animal, what you would be and why?” to “What is the best thing about being your age?”. We will be sending different questions out at the beginning of each month, so keep your eyes open! Click on the photo below to print them out!

Crazy Fresh Goal Chart

One of favorite things we are going to be sending to you every week is our Weekly Goal Chart. Kids will want to do their chores, help around the house and more when they get to mark it off on a daily basis. These goals will change weekly, so your kids can always have new goals to work towards. It’s also a great motivation if you offer a small reward for filling out the whole chart - maybe an extra snack, a trip to the park, a day with their friends, etc. Have ideas for goals you would like to see? Definitely let us know! To print, simply click on the picture above. We hope you and your kids enjoy!

Recipe of the Week - Ice Pops

Ice pops are the ultimate summer snacks, and we’ve made ours super healthy using only three ingredients! This is a recipe that the kids will love to make with you! The best part - you can get precut watermelon with Crazy Fresh! We will be sending out weekly recipes, ranging from snacks to dinners and everything in between. We know you and your little ones will enjoy what we have in store!

Summer Coloring Sheet

What kid doesn’t like to color?! That’s why every week we will be having a new coloring sheet for your children to use their creativity and express themselves. Feel free to share the final product with us on our Facebook page!

Courtney Willis