Crazy Fresh Kids -- School's Out for Summer -- Week 4

How did you and the little ones celebrate the first day of summer? It was amazing weather, depending on where you live. We all know how the weather can vary in the Midwest! Are the kids getting bored of summer yet? We highly doubt it, since it just started. Either way, we have some more great things coming your way this week! Anything more you’d like to see in the upcoming weeks? We would love to hear your feedback! Feel free to email us with any suggestions, thoughts or comments you may have at

Crazy Fresh Goal Chart - Week 4

This week we added a goal that kids will (maybe?) actually enjoy. Picking up trash in the neighborhood! We all know how important it is to keep the neighborhood clean, so making a game out of it could make it enjoyable. Go for a walk in the park and give each child a bag. Whoever picks up the most wins! But really, everyone wins, including the environment! Have your kids been able to fill out our goal charts from the past weeks? Hopefully they’re enjoying the goals we gave them. Do you have an idea for a fun goal your children would like? Send it our way!

Recipe of the Week - Best Ever Lemonade

Summer is the perfect time to teach your kids how to make thirst-quenching lemonade! This is a great way to show kids how to use a juicer to create their favorite summer drink. Have your kids ever made a lemonade stand? They can assemble a quick table with their freshly-made lemonade, and get to selling! They’ll have a blast! Be sure to send us a picture if they do :)

Strawberry Cutting Sheet

This is a fun new activity we decided to send over this week. Print it out, and have your kids cut out and assemble the strawberry! It’s a great way to work on their motor skills, and it makes for a fun activity as well! If your kids enjoy this, we have more fruit they can create in the upcoming weeks!

Summer Coloring Sheet

What kid doesn’t like to color?! That’s why every week we will be having a new coloring sheet for your children to use their creativity and express themselves. Feel free to share the final product with us on our Facebook page!

Courtney Willis