Crazy Fresh Kids -- Campfire Creations! -- Week 1

Have you gone camping yet this summer? July is the perfect time! The weather is warming up, the sun is out and the lake is perfect for swimming. And what’s better than a fire at the end of the long, relaxing day? We all know that kids are hit or miss when it comes to camping, so these next few weeks we’re going to give you ideas and activities to hopefully entertain your kids while away. And as always, we love to hear any of your feedback. Feel free to email us with any suggestions, thoughts or comments you may have at

Crazy Fresh Table Topics


We have our second set of Table Topics for you and your family! Simply cut these out, add them to your jar and choose one or two per night for everyone to discuss. These are also great to bring out to the campground to talk about around the fire. These are all kid-approved questions, so we think you’ll really have a blast hearing what your little ones have to say! Simply click the picture below to print them out!

Crazy Fresh Goal Chart

How have the goal charts been going for you and your family? Hopefully the kids are enjoying the various goals, and we hope you are enjoying the benefits! This week is the best goal we could come up with - use please and thank you! It’s never too early to get your little ones learning their manners! Do you have other goals you’d like us to use? Definitely let us know! To print, simply click on the picture above. We hope you and your kids enjoy!

Summer Activity Sheet

Look how fun this is! This activity chart will give you and your family tons of ideas for every day of the week this summer! This is going to get everyone in the family having fun! What activity do you think your kids will be most excited about?!

Recipe of the Week - Potato Boat Dinner

Cooking over the campfire is the ideal way of cooking when camping. So we decided to give you a delicious side dish that kids also love - baked potatoes! These can also be doctored up to be a main course as well, if you want. They’re super easy to cook over the fire, making them the perfect meal while camping. Let us know if your little ones enjoy this!

Camping Coloring Sheet

What kid doesn’t like to color?! That’s why every week we will be having a new coloring sheet for your children to use their creativity and express themselves. Feel free to share the final product with us on our Facebook page!

Sun Cutting Sheet

How cute is this sun?! We’re helping your kids learn their motor skills by cutting out everything you need to create this sun. We think they’ll have fun!

Courtney Willis