Crazy Fresh Kids -- Local Farm Favorites -- Week 1

Summer is almost over, which has some of you hip-hip-horray’ing and others not looking forward to school starting again. This month we’re going to be focusing on all the local produce that we get in our neck of the woods. There’s so many amazing farmers that grow the most delicious fruits and veggies, and this is the perfect time to highlight them! So be sure to give our recipe and activities a try. And as always, we love to hear any of your feedback. Feel free to email us with any suggestions, thoughts or comments you may have at

Crazy Fresh Goal Chart

How have the goal charts been going for you and your family? Hopefully the kids are enjoying the various goals, and we hope you are enjoying the benefits! This month we want to have your little ones making their bed on a daily basis. It’s been shown that kids who make their bed right after waking up go on to have a productive day. Do you have other goals you’d like us to use? Definitely let us know! To print, simply click on the picture above. We hope you and your kids enjoy!

Recipe of the Week - Homemade Pickles

One of our favorite farm fresh ingredients are cucumbers. They’re local right now from farms throughout the US, so you can always fine the best of the best in your local grocery store. Or maybe you go your own. If so, kudos to you, and we hope your little ones are helping to water and pick everything! Our recipe for dill pickles is a fun way to show your kids how pickles are really made - from cucumbers! It’s a great idea for teaching them some interesting science they may not have known about before. Have fun with it!

Pickle Puzzle

While your pickles are brining in the fridge, why not put together this pickle puzzle? Have your kids cut out the squares on the dotted lines and then see if they can put it back together. We think they’ll enjoy it!

Farming Coloring Sheet

What kid doesn’t like to color?! That’s why every week we will be having a new coloring sheet for your children to use their creativity and express themselves. Feel free to share the final product with us on our Facebook page!

Courtney Willis