Our Local Growers

Stoney Brook Farms

Foley, MN

Mark and Pam are the second generation of family farmers in the rich fields of central Minnesota. With over 600 acres in their care, they grow some of the best sweet corn in the state and deliver it fresh daily to local markets throughout the region. They coax nearly 2 million ears of corn from […]

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Riverside Farms

Elk River, MN

Joe and David are the second generation of the Nathe farming family of Elk River. Together, along with Joe’s son, Eric, and other family members, they manage over 450 acres, specializing in cabbage, sweet corn, and peppers, as well as summer and winter squash, and pumpkins. You’ll see their commitment to quality on every box […]

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Pahl’s Market

Apple Valley, MN

For over 100 years, the Pahl family has been growing and selling fresh, homegrown produce. Their family business started out as a roadside produce stand in the back of a truck, and it has now turned into a 16-acre market that is owned and operated by the fifth generation of Pahl growers – Gary and […]

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Jandt Farms

Peshtigo, WI

Fueled by a strong family farming history and a passion for growing quality produce, the Jandt family has been harvesting some of Wisconsin’s freshest produce for over 30 years. Owner Jim Jandt is very meticulous about farming practices and keeps a close eye on the condition of their lands to ensure that customers receive only […]

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Cherry Lake Farms

Atwater, MN

For three generations, Cherry Lake Farms has grown some of Minnesota’s freshest produce. Since 2002, their specialty has been zucchini, yellow squash, cabbage, winter squash, and bell peppers, as well as seasonal products like pumpkins and gourds. Owners Mike Tanata and Matt Holien share a commitment to grow the surrounding community along with their business, […]

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Axdahl Farms

Stillwater, MN

Over 30 years ago, Brian Axdahl was selling fresh sweet corn from his father Larry’s hobby farm down at the end of the driveway. Today, Brian and his wife, Leslie, are partners with Larry and have grown Axdahl’s Garden Farm and Greenhouse into a leading local grower. Their enviable location just outside of Stillwater has […]

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Seed to Seed

Clear Lake, WI

Seed to Seed Farms is a USDA Certified organic farm that specializes in growing fresh organic produce for wholesalers and retailers around the Midwest. With a focus on quality products and a positive impact on the environment, each of its 40-50 varieties of organic vegetables are hand-picked and then personally inspected by one of the […]

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Wetherby Cranberry Co.

Warrens, WI

The waters of the Wetherby Cranberry Company marsh have been colored red with fresh, floating cranberries for over 100 years. The beautiful sight of the marsh itself has been enough to attract visitors far and wide, but it’s the fresh-picked taste of homegrown cranberries that keeps them coming back. Wetherby owners Jim and Nodjii VanWychen, […]

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Sunrise Orchard

Gay Mills, WI

Sunrise Orchards has a heritage that is as strong and rich as the lush, rolling Wisconsin land they call home. For 75 years and 4 generations, they’ve built a reputation for quality that is nurtured as passionately as their apple trees. As a prominent grower of the famed HoneyCrisp apple and many more local favorites, […]

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Habelman Brothers

Tomah, WI

Over 100 years ago, Edward Habelman bought a cranberry marsh and changed his family’s lives forever. Over the next three generations, their humble cranberry marsh expanded to occupy 670 acres of central Wisconsin, making Habelman Bros. the largest fresh cranberry grower and packer in the world, allowing them to deliver products across the United States […]

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Pepin Heights

Lake City, MN

On the lush bluffs overlooking the Mississippi river, the Courtier family planted their first apple tree over 50 years ago. Dennis Courtier bought his parents’ orchard in 1978, and over the next couple of decades grew Pepin Heights into the largest apple grower in Minnesota and one of the most reputable in the United States. […]

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Wood Orchard

Egg Harbor, WI

Wood Orchard has a long family history of growing some of Wisconsin’s finest apples. It all began in 1955 when Jim and Barbara Wood moved from St. Louis to the comfort of Door County, Wisconsin and planted their first apple tree. Since then, they’ve accumulated around 200 acres of land, yielding fresh apples, strawberries, raspberries […]

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